The Wellness Carafe gives you clean, refreshing water in a portable pitcher design. Uses a multi-stage filter cartridge to reduce Chlorine, Lead, and other harmful contaminants from your water through gravity filtration. After water is filtered it passes through Wellness' enhancement media which adds trace alkaline minerals to the water for a unique taste that can only be found with the Wellness Carafe.

  • Improves taste and quality of water
  • Reduces Chlorine, Lead, and THMs
  • Enhances water with Wellness Technology
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Cartridge 3-Pack
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  • Mixed Carbon and Resin

    The Wellness Carafe uses a blend of mixed granular carbons and resin to achieve optimal filtration of Chlorine, Lead, and THMs in a gravity filter design.

    Magnetic Stage

    Tenko-Seki ceramic beads, magnetite ore and a ceramic magnet.

    Bakuhan & Taicho

    Stones imported from Japan comprised primarily of calcium, potassium, iron, and silica. They add trace alkaline minerals to the water.


    Made of Silicon Dioxide. Adds soluble silica to the water.